Opportunities for BEV

Inevitable and Smart Investment in Electric Vehicle

(a) Increasing demand for passenger vehicles causing increasing demand for limited and depleting FOSSIL fuel derived energy, globally. Increasing price of petrol as demand will exceed supply.

(b) Need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, é globally-EV as a way for a greener economy.

Supportive Government Policies

(a) 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), with a commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.

(b) Additionally, the National Automotive Policy 2020.

(c)Tax Exemption and duties.

Rising Demand For Electric Vehicle

(a) Rising demand for Electric Vehicle since 2015 Outlook Report for 2020).

(b) 36% annual growth until 2030 for BEVs. (International Energy Agency (IEA) Global BEV.

(c)Global BEV sales in the first half of 2022 rose by 81% compared to the equivalent period last year. (Strategy&-PWC, 2022).

Creation Of Additional Economic Development Opportunities

(a) Educational investment.
(b) Workforce development.
(c) Advance manufacturing and technology jobs.
(d) Construction and infrastructure development.
(e) Trickle down economy to local business.

Benefits To Consumers

Save Time And Money - Save time at the pump and money in the long-run with no oil changes or maintenance costs.

Quite Drive - Driving an EV is silent compared to ICE vehicle and provide instant torque.

Reduce CO2 Emission - Help to improve local air quality by reducing tailpipe emissions.

Charing is Easy - Install electric vehicle charging at home, find them at work or find them on the street.There are always ways to save on the cost.


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